Dear Client,

My name is Willi Glettig – Tan, owner of  Chemsupply.

We offer a broad range of high quality and innovative Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API), Intermediates and Particles.

Since our beginning 1995 we operate as network company linked with selected  partners around the globe. We are creative, proud and passionate chemist and chemical engineers. Our clients are pharmacists or chemists that use compounds for galenic formulation or as intermediates in synthesis. They rely on suppliers that provide fast and reliable service. They also require competitive compounds that are finetuned and made by production methods that offer a high yield and are highly reproducible.

About four years ago suddenly many online chemical suppliers entered the marked with doubtful product quality and no service. We know how important it is to you to procure very high quality materials. As Swiss company we adhere to very high standards with regards to business reliability and trustworthyness, product quality and customer service.  We supply only to professional companies and institutions.

Check us out and see the difference!